Women’s Struggle in Rajasthan Crossing Barriers Claiming Spaces

Author : Pratibha Jain, Sangeeta Sharma
Language : English
ISBN : 9789387297333
Edition : 2018
Publisher : RG GROUP


Women’s Struggle in Rajasthan Crossing Barriers Claiming Spaces : ABOUT the BOOK Women’s heroic struggles for social change. education and political freedom in the region of Rajasthan (erstwhile Rajputana) form the prime focus of the study. The autobiographical accounts of these legendary women reveal the journeys from their sheltered and restrictive lives to their transformation as confident, assertive individuals. The volume also reflects how they sought to challenge the conventional and gendered notion of space by crossing one barrier after another to emerge as significant actors in the hitherto ‘masculine domains’ of spiritualism, politics and education. While there are subtle and substantive variations in the experiences of these activists, struggle forms the essence of their lives. Inspite of their invaluable role in the numerous struggles, these feisty and spirited women have sadly remained unsung in history as also in public memory. It is with great pleasure that we bring these happy and inspiring narratives that trace the jubilant journey of Viranganas (heroines) from the Purdah (confinement) to the Parcham (flag of victory). Their life stories have waited long enough to be known- this Volume is a celebration of these remarkable lives.


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