Tod’s Annals of Mewar

Author : C. H. Payne
Language : English
ISBN : 9788190042277
Second Edition : 2018
Publisher : RG GROUP


Annals of Mewar has now for long been regarded as one of the chief English Classic on India, Bardic traditional tales, legends and historical records kept by the Brahmin priest of temples have been the source for the author’s information. In this volume, the complete history of Mewar has been compiled for the “Future Historians”. The only authoritative work of its kind in the early twentieth century, Annals of Mewar remains a stupendous account of Mewar’s history till date.
This volume builds up from the geography of Mewar with a close look at its history, architecture traditions, and ancestry. There is a vivid translation of the inscription in the Rajput history. It goes on to examine the feudal system prevalent and details look at the annals, religious establishment, festivals and customs of Mewar. An indispensable classic.


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