Historical Documents & History

Author: Anuradha Mathur
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789384385224


In recent times Rajasthan has emerged as a major and very rich repository of historical documents for pre-colonial as well as subsequent eras. This book captures the diversity of historical documents primarily available in Rajasthan about the State and other regions. The collection of articles has been divided into four sections. The first section showcases researches based on Pre Colonial documentation like Bahis, archival documents, thikana records, literary documents etc. Papers in section two explore documents available for the Colonial period like administrative reports, official reports, files and print media. It offers fresh insight into British policy as regards the Princely States and British India. The Contemporary section gives readers an insight into the identity politics and dilemmas of development. Fourth and the last section highlights the historical importance of oral testimonies, often known as living memory.


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