Glories of Marwar and The Glorious of Rathores

Author : Vishveshwer Nath Reu
Language : English
2nd Edition : 2016
ISBN : 9788192453767
Publisher : RG GROUP


“Glories of Marwar & The Glorious Rathore” is an exhaustive study of the origin and history of Rajputs. Reu, a historian, and scholar of eminence; traces the history of the rulers of Marwar from the great epics and refer to the inscription of the periods of Ashoka and the Kushan kings and thus unfolds a highly absorbing and fascinating record.
This meticulously chronicled work brings out the merit of the glorious Rathore rulers of Marwar and remains to be the main resource material for future scholars. Marwar’s relations with the Emperors and the neighboring principalities present a wholesome picture of the Rathores who wielded the sword and the baton of statehood equally well.
Administrative ‘Farman’ (orders) and inscriptions affecting social reforms are evidence of the progressive vision of the Rulers of Marwar, who kept their subject in focus as the decisions relate to management to temples, Caste system, the welfare of minstrels & bards and the protection of the girl child.


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