Folkways in Rajasthan

Folkways in Rajasthan
Author : U. B. Mathur
Language : English
Edition : 1986
ISBN : 9788185129006, 8185129002


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The countryside of Rajasthan has fascinated scholars for a long time, where thirty million people belonging to over two hundred ethnic groups reside in thirty thousand villages, and away from the madding crowd of the urban centers, cherish the glory of their age-old cultural traditions handed down to them from generation to generation.
A comprehensive appreciation of the life-style and the ways of the village folks, however, was not made so far. A breakthrough in this stupendous task has been achieved by this trailblazing-book which portrays a glimpse of the abundant material for observation by the social scantiest and plenteous from and beauty to be captured by the creative artist. Built over field studies made in two hundred and fifty villages over a period of two decades, the work a unique blending of verbal picturing with visual depictions of the folkways in Rajasthan-has resulted in a most informative and delightful publication.


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