The Tribes and Castes of Rajasthan

Author : M.A. Sherring
Language : English
2nd Edition : 2016
ISBN : 9789384385170
Publisher : RG GROUP


The Tribes and Castes of Rajasthan : This small book on “The Tribes and Castes of Rajasthan” is written by the famous anthropologist, Mr. Sherring and he does not confine himself to the anthropological aspects of the study but goes further to make a detailed research on the historical, sociological, and human nature of the government and administration.
Each tribe is systematically studied and the whole book is divided into eight chapters:-

  1. Tribes and Castes of Rajputana – Distribution of the Ruling Tribes among the Rajput States.
  2. The Brahmanical Tribes – Brahmans of Pushkar, Bikaner, Karauli, Marwar, Mallani, Jaisalmer, Bundi, Banswara etc.
  3. The Rajput Tribes – Chauhan, Hara, Rathore, Jodha, Silkawat; Sisawat, Sisodiya, Dulawat, to name a few.
  4. The Rajput Continued – Bhati, Soda, Kachhwaha, Dewal, Salar Khi, Deora, Dhandu etc.
  5. Castes – The Vaisya Castes, The Kayastha, Agricultural Castes etc.
  6. The Mair or Mar Tribes
  7. The Jaat, Gujar, Meena, Grassia, and Bheel Tribes.
  8. The Mohamedan Tribes Saiyid, Katat Merat, Rath, Haiwasi, Pathan, Daras, Sameja etc.

Students of Anthropology, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Indian History, and Comparative Religion will find this book a much-needed source of information and knowledge. The publishers feel much pleasure in issuing this seventh study under the Native Races of India series. The aim is to continue an active and diverse publishing program in this area of study.


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