Tribal Culture of Garasia’s

Author : Arjun Singh Shekhawat, Shiv Mridul
Language : English
Second Edition : 2017
ISBN : 9789384385132
Publisher : RG GROUP


Tribal Culture of Garasia’s :The book, ‘Tribal Culture of Garāsiyās’ deals with an ancient tribe of Rajasthan that has survived for centuries in the hardships of life among the hills of the Arāvalīs that is known as Garāsiyās. Dr. Arjunsingh Shekhawat has passed days, months and years with these tribal people having close contact with them and prepared the book with his keen observation of the lifestyle with unique facts and figures of the people who still live in the dark and dense forests nearby Mount Abu.
The book describes their language, proverbs, folklores, tales, plays, and songs. The way of speaking the words and sentences have been given in the book for example with their meanings. Many songs of Garasiyas have also been translated into English verse form by Shiv Mridul e.g.

From the earth, rose up,
hymns of the holy book.
In the heaven soon,
the throne of Kali shook.

(Song of Indian Glory)

The book makes the readers well acquainted with their social traditions, beliefs, superstitions, customs, and conventions. They enjoy the fairs and festivals; sing and dance at various occasions on drums and traditional musical instruments. Even they have code beats of drums for particular purposes related to their everyday life to give messages to the persons nearby in the huts at hills.
In this book, their optimistic attitude with faith in Almighty God has also been elaborated. Still, in the age of the twenty-first century, they believe in the indigenous pattern of treatment in curing diseases by herbs and metal-marks. They face the adversity of living peacefully in the lap of nature and give us the message to save the environment.
Several wonderful facts of this tribal culture have been dealt in this book along with the modern changes in their life with the advancement of education in the area. The statistical data of the tribe makes the book authentic. The social reformers and research scholars who want to know and learn more about them would like certainly to go through this book.


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