Dr. Narayan Singh Bhati – Kalidas of Modern Rajasthani Poetry

Author : Dr. DB Kshirsagar
Language : English
Edition : 2022
ISBN : 9789391446871


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Dr. Narayan Singh Bhati – Kalidas of Modern Rajasthani Poetry : The present volume analyzing life and contribution of Dr. Bhati to Rajasthani Language and literature along with his 12 poetical collections, speaks volumes about the desire for recognition of Rajasthani language for which he dedicated himself to prove the traditions of grammar and lexicons apart from extensive literature rich in all branches of prose, poetry and folk literature related to history and culture. As a poet, he is believed to be a bridge in between Dingal and modern Rajasthani Poetry and also compared with the great Sanskrit poet Kalidas by eminent critics for his sensitively of mind and richness of imaginations in depicting beauty of nature and its resemblance with various moods or feelings of the woman.

While the work proves a lasting memorial to Dr. Bhati, it will certainly help the Non-Rajasthani knowing reader to realize the greatness of Rajasthani language and literature as also the poetic beauty of Dr. Bhati that makes him a quint-essential poet of modern Rajasthan.


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